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So, you have decided to sell your scrap car with Scrap Your Motor! Well, don’t worry about bringing your old banger to us as we will collect your scrap car from anywhere in the UK, so if you live Land’s End or in John o' Groats we will collect your old scrap car. No need to even worry about the car's tax, insurance or MOT, we will still complete our car collection no worries!

So How Do I Arrange a Car Collection?

Arranging the collection of your car is really simple, once you have accepted our quote, we will get In touch with a date and timeframe that’s suitable to you.

Also make sure you have your paperwork in order, to see which documentation you need click here! Or visit for more details.

Car Collection
What happens when you have your car collected

What happens when you have your car collected

We'll send you a reminder, either a text or email, to confirm the collection date and time that we agreed with you.

On the collection day you'll need to have a few things ready - your ID, car keys, documents (such as the registration certificate) if you have them, and don’t forget to remove any personal belongings and rubbish from your car.

When we collect your car, we’ll help with the paperwork, and sort the payment.

How Long Does the Car Collection Take?

When you accept our quote, we will get in touch with you about your scrap car collection as soon as possible to organize a date and time frame to collect your old vehicle. The time this process will take can vary, on the day of your car collection make sure you have a valid photo ID and utility bill as previously mentioned and of course the car keys. Other factors may affect the time it will take to collect your vehicle, such as location and if it has wheels.

My Car Isn’t At My Property!

Don’t worry! We will still come and collect your car if it’s at a garage, at work or round the corner! Just tell us where it is and meet us there to complete the car collection. Just bring some valid photo ID and a recent utility bill to comply with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, this was brought in to combat against rouge traders and stolen materials.

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