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Determining the value of your scrap car isn’t as simple as many people think! It’s takes in many factors such as international scrap metal demand, the age, make and model of your scrap car and that’s not all! Weight, condition and the location of your scrap vehicle also affects the value of your car. Also, if your car has reusable parts, so each car has its own unique scrap value.

The weight of your car holds major sway when valuing your scrap car, so the heavier the car in theory the heavy (more) recyclable metal that can be harvested from the scrap car. But this factor does not have a solidified value, as the world of scrap metal fluctuates and certain metals are worth more than others.

Here at Scrap Your Motor we will find the best possible value for your banger in an instant, don’t worry if your car has high mileage, damaged, broken down, or has failed its MOT. We will provide you with a price to sell your scrap motor, no matter the condition.

Best Scrap Car Price in an Instant
Get the best price for your scrap car

Get the best price for your scrap car

Finding out the value of your scrap metal car is really simple, all you need to do is to tell us your car's registration and postcode by completing our online form or by getting in touch with our friendly customer service team who are always here to help. Once you have provided us with this information, we will give you a quote with the best price in an instant. No need to wait on tenterhooks for email or phone call, as we will present you with the best price in an instant!

We may require some extra information such as the condition of your car just to help us to make the best price in an instant for your old motor.

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Scrap Car Price Update

We constantly monitor the current prices for scrap metal, ensuring you that we will get the best price in an instant for your scrap car. As previously mentioned, that the scrap metal market is a constantly fluxing with prices changing almost daily!

You can be safe in the knowledge that if you choose to go with our best price in an instant, we will come collect your scrap car. Be it from your home, workplace or garage, we will take your scrap motor away at a time best fitted to you!

So, what are you waiting for? Complete our easy-peasy quote form or give us a call to get the best price in an instant for your scrap vehicle.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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