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Scrap Car Recycling

Here at Scrap You Motor we specialize in providing a streamlined and effective system of scrap car recycling. We take pride in the way that we conduct our operations as a responsible car recycling company, we adhere to all the laws and regulations.

We are an accredited car recycling company known as an Authorized Treatment Facility or also known as an ATF. To be authorized in scrap car recycling we hold an ATF permit, all Scrap Your Motor recycling centres hold this government accreditation. So, you are safe in the knowledge that your car is being scrapped by confident professionals.

Your old car contains important materials that can be used over and over again! Did you know that the average car consists of about 65% steel and iron? Well now you do! Recycling this ever so important steel has a massive effect in helping the environment as for every ton of steel recycled conserves 1.25 tons of iron ore, nearly a ton of coal and limestone alone!

Scrap Car Recycling
Responsible Car Recycling In Action

Responsible Car Recycling In Action

Every car that comes to us for scrap car recycling undergoes a through de-pollution process to remove any and all environmentally dangerous or toxic materials present within the cars system. Examples being lead-acid batter, fuel, oils, fluids and liquids such as coolant and anti-freeze.

Is Depollution Important?

Yes! This part of the process is very important as disposing any vehicle without going through a depollution process is incredibly bad for the environment as it would become a source of pollution for the planet. It is critical that this process is conducted, as not only would the vehicle be incredibly dangerous, but it would cause massive damage to the environment.

At any Scrap Your Motor recycling centre, we make sure that when we scrap your car, we are meeting the most up-to-date legislation for car depollution and recycling. Reassuring you that when we action our scrap car recycling service, we are doing this safely and legally as we are a responsible car recycling company.

To read more about the government guidelines for scrap car recycling, click here.

What Happens To The Rest Of The Car?

After this process, we then recycle as much of the vehicle that we possibly can in order to meet the government mandated target of 95% of the car being recycled. So cast away the assumption that your car is crushed into a cube and then stacked, each car is picked clean for materials that can be recycled from metals and plastics to the catalytic convertor!

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