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Having your car collected

What to expect when you choose to have your car collected.

How do I arrange a collection date?

After you accept a price on which to sell your used car, we can then arrange free collection of your motor. Be it from your home, place of work or even from a garage! We will come and collect your car for free and anywhere convenient to you. Plus, we will get in touch and arrange a time to collect your car that is best suited to you.

If you would like to drop off your car at Scrap Your Motor, we have over 300 branches situated across the UK! There is no need for an appointment to drop off your used car, all you need to do is bring your car (obviously) and your customer/quote reference number during our opening hours.

When can you collect my car?

When you accept our quote, we will get in touch with you about your scrap car collection as soon as possible to organize a date and time frame to collect your old vehicle. The time this process will take can vary, on the day of your car collection make sure you have a valid photo ID and utility bill as previously mentioned and of course the car keys. Other factors may affect the time it will take to collect your vehicle such as location and if it has wheels.

What happens on the collection day?

You'll need to have a few things ready:

  1. Your reference number or a copy of your quote (either on paper or your mobile device) to guarantee the price;
  2. Valid identification;
  3. The vehicle keys
  4. Vehicle Registration Documents (such as the registration certificate, service history, MOT certificate and manuals) if you have them;
  5. Remove all rubbish from the vehicle.

On the day of collection, we'll:

  1. Check your car that it matches the quote;
  2. Bring a form of valid photo-identification;
  3. DVLA paperwork;
  4. Sorting out the method of payment.

You'll also need to notify DVLA that you've sold your car. If you have any road tax remaining, you'll get an automatic tax refund from DVLA.

What is my reference number?

You should receive a reference number when you get your quote. This will be a unique set of numbers, so keep hold of it, as it makes it a lot easier for us to bring up your information.

What is accessible?

Having the tires inflated and the car on a road counts as accessable.

Does my car need to be accessible for it to be collected?

It would be best that it is, but we can still collect your vehicle, but this may affect your quote.

You can still choose to go ahead with the collection with the adjusted quote.

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