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Thinking of selling your car as scrap?

So, you’re thinking of scrapping your car? Yes, it is a sad fact of life that cars do not last till the end of time, and we have to say goodbye to the trusty old banger that has brought so many memories, some good, some bad. Be it if your vehicle has taken a particularly nasty knock making it no longer roadworthy, or it’s developed a fault so expensive it’s time to sell your car for scraps or spares.

If you have finally decided to go ahead and scrap your car you want, be assured that you get the best price for scrapping your old motor. This is where Scrap Your Motor can help!

How do I scrap my car for the best price?

Here at Scrap Your Motor we offer a free and instant scrappage quote for your car. Saving you the time and effort of enquiring with local or national scrappage firms, haggling for the best price you can get for your banger to be recycled. Now “How do I do this?” I hear you ask, well it’s simple really. All we require from you is to enter your cars registration and your postcode, so we’ll provide you with the best possible quote we can offer for your scrap car.

Sell Your Scrap Car
Free scrap car collection

Free scrap car collection

But that’s not all we don’t just tell you what your scrap car is worth, if you choose to accept our offer, we at Scrap Your Motor will arrange to collect your old vehicle and at a time that’s best suited to you! It can also be collected from your home, work or wherever is best for you!

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Local scrap car recycling centres

Finding one of our many scrap car recycling centers won’t be an ordeal either, with 300 scrap car recycling centers spread across the UK. So, there is no need to worry about driving a great distance to visit one of the many recycling centers we operate from. Also, you are not required to make an appointment! Just show up at to one of our many scrap car recycling centers during opening hours with your reference number to confirm your quote.

Find out more about dropping your car off at your local scrap car recycling centre

Scrap car recycling

Once you sell your scrap car with Scrap Your Motor, you are safe in the knowledge your scrap car is going to be recycled at an approved recycling center. Also, that we will recycle 95% of your vehicle by weight, meeting the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive set in 2015.

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DVLA paperwork sorted

Finally, we’ll help you in completing you DVLA paperwork correctly, meaning that when your car is recycled by us. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA as solid gold proof that your old car is no longer on the road.

Find out more about the official DVLA paperwork when you scrap your car >

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