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Sorting The Official DVLA Paperwork

How Do I Get My Official Paperwork Sorted?

Well, it’s finally happened and your old motor that has seen countless miles and crafted so many treasured memories has finally sputtered out its last gasp. Now it’s too expensive to repair, making it a very heavy lawn ornament or driveway statue. It’s time to admit it, it's time to scrap the old banger. But before you head off trying to find a price for your scrap car, you must make sure you have all your official paperwork sorted and in order!

What Documents Do I Need?

V5C Document (Vehicle Registration Document or Logbook)

First of all, you will need your V5C also known as the vehicle registration document, this document states that you are the owner of the vehicle. Not having this piece of documentation will prohibit the sale of your scrap vehicle, as this stops any unauthorized sales of vehicles.

Missing your V5C document? Head on over to to replace your logbook.


Keep this slip of yellow paper from your logbook! Also make sure you get a receipt from the recycling centre or authorized treatment facilities (ATFs).

Certificate of Destruction

Finally, this document can only be generated at a recycling centre with an ATF licence. Remember that little slip of yellow paper we told you to keep also known as the V5C/3? This piece of paper needs to filled in and completed correctly (we will help you with that!) and exchanged for a Certificate of Destruction (Also known as a CoD). With this piece of paper, all you need to do is to send this document to the DVLA. Stating that you have correctly recycled your old motor, relinquishing you of responsibility of the old beauty. If your lucky, the DVLA will refund you any unused road tax!

There we have it, these are the documents you will need to have and complete to get your official paperwork sorted. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us via email or call us and one of our friendly colleagues will inform you further on the process.

Sorting The Official DVLA Paperwork

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