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How the law affects us

Want to know how the regulations affect the way we recycle the scrap cars that we buy?

What are the End of Life Vehicle regulations?

Introduced in 2003 these regulations require scrap cars to be depolluted (removal of toxic and hazardous materials) before the vehicle is reused or recycled. Depollution can only be carried out at a verified and licensed ATF centre; the regulations require the Authorized Treatment Center to issue the previous/current owner with a Certificate of Destruction when the vehicle is scrapped and deregistered.

Another set of regulation that came into action in 2005, meaning producers of vehicles to establish a network of ATFs to allow for “free-take-back” of their own End of Life vehicles. Also, producers need to meet the 95% recyclable materials used to make up the vehicle by the weight. This law was brought in 2015.

How does Scrap your motor meet the regulations?

We are an accredited car recycling company known as an Authorized Treatment Facility or also known as an ATF. To be authorized in scrap car recycling we hold an ATF permit, all Scrap Your Motor recycling centres hold this government accreditation. So, you are safe in the knowledge that your car is being scrapped by confident professionals.

Every car that comes to us for scrap car recycling undergoes a through de-pollution process to remove any and all environmentally dangerous or toxic materials present within the cars system. Examples being lead-acid batter, fuel, oils, fluids and liquids such as coolant and anti-freeze.

We meet the government mandated target of 95% of the car being recycled. So cast away the assumption that your car is crushed into a cube and then stacked, each car is picked clean for materials that can be recycled from metals and plastics to the catalytic convertor!

What is an Authorised Treatment Facility environmental permit?

All of Scrap your motor's branches hold a valid Authorized Treatment Facility environmental permit. Every business that deals with scrap vehicles need to hold this permit.

This permit states that we adhere to the government guidelines of recycling and disposal of scrap vehicles.

To find out more about this permit, click here.

What responsibilities do the car makers have?

The end-of-life regulations make the manufacturers responsible for keeping up a network of ATF approved scrap car recycling network, making it easier for people who own vehicles under their brand.

This network of recycling centres must be able to treat their cars legally, this being the depollution (removal of hazardous materials within the cars system. Examples being lead-acid batter, fuel, oils, fluids and liquids such as coolant and anti-freeze) and recycling of the vehicle. This process must not incur any cost to the car's last owner.

Here at Scrap Your Motor, are recycling partners for major car manufactures.

We will make the process as easy as possible, no matter the brand of car you own! Our network of ATF approved recycling centres are capable of recycling all major car brands.

We won’t charge you for this service, but we will go that extra step further by providing you the best price for your car.

To find out howe much your car is worth, get in contact with us today!

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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