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Sell Your Used Car

Is It Time to Sell Your Car?

So, it’s finally happened. Your faithful motor has finally given up the ghost, or perhaps you’re looking to update your current vehicle. Now when it comes to selling your car you want 2 things.
1. A fast and easy process of selling the car
2. Not having to put up with ridiculous low-ball offers from a never-ending queue of tyre kickers and chancers. Hoping that your resolve would finally cave in and give in to their offer. As is the pain of selling your car privately.
Now with the wonders of technology, you can sell your car with ease entirely online! Making the entire process a breeze.

Free quote to sell your car

Finding out how much your car is worth cannot be any simpler with Scrap Your Motor. We offer a no hassle, obligation free quote that is valid for seven days. Giving You plenty of time to put the kettle on and mull things over.

Selling your car with Scrap Your Motor is a simple process that’s quick and efficient. Here’s how we do it!

For Scrap Your Motor to find the value of your car all we require is your car's reg (registration) and postcode. With this information we can work away identifying the make, model and your location, doing this we can bring you the best price we can possibly offer! But that’s not the best part, there is no need for an appointment to value your car, allowing you to sit back and relax.

No need for an appointment to value your car!

Selling your car with ScrapYourMotor is easy, quick and straightforward:

Step 1: Get A Quote

Step 2: Choose Collection or Drop Off

Step 3: Sell Your Car

Sell Your Used Car
We won't haggle over the price

We won't haggle over the price

Gone are the days of travelling here there and everywhere in the endless hunt of the best price for your used car. All you need to do is to answer a few quick questions asking about the current condition of your car and about the accuracy of the information you have provided us as the more accurate the info, the easier we can provide you with a quote.

Have your car collected

After you accept a price on which to sell your used car, we can then arrange free collection of your motor. Be it from your home, place of work or even from a garage! We will come and collect your car for free and anywhere convenient to you. Plus, we will get in touch and arrange a time to collect your car that is best suited to you.

Find out more about having your car collected.

Local branches

If you would like to drop off your car at Scrap Your Motor, we have over 300 branches situated across the UK! There is no need for an appointment to drop off your used car, all you need to do is bring your car (obviously) and your customer/quote reference number during our opening hours.

We'll help with the DVLA paperwork

Now, when it comes to selling your pre-loved car, we will help you in getting your DVLA paperwork all in order and making sure that you receive a correctly filled out registration certificate (V5C – the logbook). This is crucial as it means you are no longer responsible for the car. This is crucial, as if this process is incorrectly completed or not done when you come to sell your car, you can incur a fine.

Find out more about the official DVLA paperwork.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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