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So Your Car Has Failed It's MOT...

Uh oh! Your car has failed its MOT. Getting it repaired is out of the question after you saw the repair quote (Yikes!) so it’s time to scrap the old steed….and use the cash to get a flashy new car!

But My Car Has Failed Its MOT?

Don’t worry if your car has failed its MOT (Ministry of Transport), we will happily take it off your hands and for a great price too! Now it may come to mind that if your car hasn’t passed its MOT no one would entertain buying it, but you would be wrong! All cars, in any condition can still be sold for money, so why not get in touch with Scrap Your Motor today, and we will provide a competitively priced quote.

Sell Scrap MOT Failure - Getting A Quote

Getting a quote for your scrap car from Scrap Your Motor is really simple! All you need to do is to provide us with your car’s registration and your postcode, with this information we can make you and offer. We will buy your scrap car regardless of the condition, so even if your car is either old or not in the most pristine condition thanks to our huge network of ATF certified recycling centres around the UK we can make offers for any car.

Best of all, we will save your quote for seven days, giving you plenty of time to mull things over.

So Your Car Has Failed It's MOT...
Sell Scrap MOT Failure - Free collection

Sell Scrap MOT Failure - Free collection

Do I Have To Drop My Car Off?

So, you have decided to sell your scrap car after its MOT failure with Scrap Your Motor, unlike most companies you are not required to drop your old banger off! We will come and collect your scrap car, yes, we will collect your MOT failed, old banger! Here at Scrap Your Motor we will collect your scrap MOT failure from your home, work, practically anywhere! With our network of scrappage centres, we can collect scrap cars anywhere in the UK!

Official DVLA paperwork sorted

We will assist you with completing your Official DVLA Paperwork, this paperwork is essential in selling your scrap MOT failure to us.  Your local Scrap Your Motor Branch will help you with complete the necessary paperwork so that the DVLA can be correctly informed. All you need to bring is your vehicle logbook (V5C).

Completing the legal paperwork accurately and correctly will inform the DVLA that your free from any responsibility of your old car.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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