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Sell Your Old Car With Scrap Your Motor!

Has your car developed a fault? Or perhaps you aren’t sure what to do with your car, as the repair bill would cost more than the actual cost of the car! Well, be assured that you have come to the right place, here at Scrap Your Motor we will happily take your scrap car off your hands for a great price!

So, if your car has become an expensive lawn ornament or driveway blocker, scrapping your non-runner is a perfect way to not only get shot of it but make a bit of cash as well!

3 easy steps to sell your old car

  • Find out how much money you’ll get for your old car with our instant, online quote tool.
  • Choose to drop your car off at a local branch or arrange collection.
  • You get paid and we help to sort out the DVLA paperwork.

Get The Best Price To Sell Scrap Old Car

We will provide you with a free no obligation quote when you get in touch with us to sell scrap your faulty car. All you need to do is inform us with the condition of your faulty car, it’s reg and your postcode. With our large network of ATF approved scrappage yards, we can get back in touch with you with a quote. We won’ haggle, we will provide you with our best possible price, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

Sell Your Old Car With Scrap Your Motor!
We won't haggle

We won't haggle

We constantly monitor the current prices for scrap metal, ensuring you that we will get the best possible price for your scrap car. As previously mentioned, that the scrap metal market is a constantly fluxing with prices changing almost daily!

Choose car collection or drop off locally

When you accept our quote, we will get in touch with you about your scrap car collection as soon as possible to organize a date and time frame to collect your old vehicle. The time this process will take can vary, on the day of your car collection make sure you have a valid photo ID and utility bill as previously mentioned and of course the car keys. Other factors may affect the time it will take to collect your vehicle, such as location and if it has wheels.

Official paperwork sorted

Now, when it comes to selling your pre-loved car, we will help you in getting your DVLA paperwork all in order and making sure that you receive a correctly filled out registration certificate (V5C – the logbook). This is crucial as it means you are no longer responsible for the car. This is crucial, as if this process is incorrectly completed or not done when you come to sell your car, you can incur a fine.

Find out more about official DVLA paperwork.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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