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Sell Your Broken Car Or Non-Runner With Scrap Your Motor!

Well, it’s finally happened and your old motor that has seen countless miles and crafted so many treasured memories has finally sputtered out its last gasp. Now it’s too expensive to repair making it a very heavy lawn ornament or driveway statue. It’s time to admit it, it's time to scrap the old banger, but you might as well make some money from it! It's time to sell your broken car or non-runner!

Sell your broken car or non runner, hassle-free

  • All we require from you is to enter your cars registration and your postcode, so we’ll provide you with the best possible quote we can offer for your scrap car.
  • Arranging the collection of your car is really simple, once you have accepted our quote, we will get In touch with a date and timeframe that’s suitable to you.
  • We will assist you with completing your Official DVLA Paperwork, this paperwork is essential in selling your scrap MOT failure to us.  Your local Scrap Your Motor Branch will help you with complete the necessary paperwork so that the DVLA can be correctly informed. All you need to bring is your vehicle logbook (V5C).

How Much Will I Get For My Car?

We calculate our quotes taking in the condition of the vehicle and the value of the scrap metal, recyclable parts and its location. All these factors, we will get in touch for more details if we require them.

Sell Your Broken Car Or Non-Runner With Scrap Your Motor!
We’ll pick up your broken car

We’ll pick up your broken car

Don’t worry about bringing your old banger to us as we will collect your scrap car from anywhere in the UK, so if you live Land’s End or in John o' Groats we will collect your old scrap car. No need to even worry about the car's tax, insurance or MOT we will still complete our car collection no worries!

Official DVLA paperwork sorted

Our team at Scrap Your Motor will help you along the way with correctly filling in your paperwork, as completing this paperwork is vital to informing the DVLA that you have scrapped your vehicle correctly.

You are assured that when you sell your damaged or written off car to us, it will be correctly taken care of.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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