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Why Do People Scrap Cars?

Perhaps you have an old car that's failed its MOT or broken down? Maybe it's damaged beyond repair because of an accident, or has just reached the end of its life? The chances are, it will cost too much to fix – much more than it's actually worth. In which case you might be wondering, should I scrap my car?

It might just be that you no longer have any need for your car. You've had no luck trying to sell it as people just aren't interested, or aren't willing to pay a fair price.

Declaring A Car Off-The-Road With SORN

MOT failures, insurance write-offs, and old cars that have simply given up, all need to be declared 'off the road', or you'll be expected to continue paying road tax on them. You can do this by completing a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) form on the DVLA website. Without this, there's a chance that you'll be issued with a fine, especially if the vehicle is parked on a public road.

Remember though, a SORN will have to be renewed annually, otherwise road tax will automatically become due. It might be better to scrap your car rather than hang on to it!

If this sounds like your situation, then why not use a scrap car collection service? The car will be taken off your hands, and you could get a great price for it.

Do You Still Want To Scrap Your Car?

Scrapping your car, whatever the circumstances, should ideally be the last resort.

Well, if and when you do decide to go ahead, we believe that scrapping your car should be as simple and hassle-free as possible! You have enough to deal with in everyday life without adding more drama. What you need is a service that will take care of everything, give you peace of mind and offer the best prices.

By now you might be asking, how do I scrap my car? Can I get an instant quote?

This is where we can help you. by offering a service that is second to none!

Let's run through the main factors of the car scrapping process to give you an idea of what's involved.

Scrap my car Durham
The Legal Obligations

The Legal Obligations

Around 2 million cars are scrapped each year in the UK. That's a lot of scrap metal and other materials! To ensure that most of this unwanted car scrap doesn't end up in a landfill site, the government has introduced a scheme to recycle as much of this as possible.

All scrap cars need to have a DVLA certificate of destruction (CoD). This is very important: it is your legal responsibility to obtain a CoD, as the DVLA may issue a fine of £1,000 if you don't have one.

Recycling In The Right Place

You can't just take your car anywhere to be scrapped and recycled. Gone are the days where you contacted the local scrap yards to get the best price, probably being paid much less than it was worth in the end. Or, even worse, the scrap yards charged you to collect the vehicle! If you were lucky, you'd get a few pounds, cash in hand.

Keep Within The Law

Changes in the law make it illegal to pay cash for scrapping cars. Any scrap yard or car scrapping service that offers cash in hand for your car is acting illegally and should be avoided unless you want a fine! This became law in 2013 under the Scrap Metal Dealers' Act. Any payments must be made by bank transfer or company cheque.

Proof Of ID

Under this law, you are also obliged to provide ID and proof of address when you take a car to a scrap merchant. This step can be avoided by using an agent who can go through the process for you.

These laws were introduced in order to make the automotive industry act more responsibly and in an environmentally friendly manner with regards to scrap vehicles.

Environmental Awareness

An Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is the only place that is legally permitted to dispose of your scrap vehicle for recycling and turn it into car scrap. They will also be equipped to extract and recycle all the hazardous materials, such as tyres, oil and battery. This type of recycling centre is the only one licenced to issue a certificate of destruction. All ATFs are regulated and licenced by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and Natural Resources Wales.

It is a criminal offence to recycle your car in an unauthorised place.

How Do I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

How Do I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

The DVLA need to know that you are no longer the legal owner of the vehicle. Otherwise, you may be liable for any road tax, or even parking and speeding fines, should the car be used again after it has changed hands.

Licenced Authorised Treatment Facilities will always have a direct link to the DVLA and will de-register your car for you. A certificate of destruction will be sent to you by email, usually within 4 weeks, sometimes within 7 days.

The Right Paperwork

Ideally, you should have the logbook for your car, otherwise known as the V5C. The ATF will complete section 9 (known as the yellow slip) and hand this back to you. This needs to be sent to the DVLA as soon as possible. If you don't have the V5C, the DVLA are prepared to accept a simple letter stating that the car is now in the ownership of the ATF.

Tax Refund

Once this is done, you may get a refund of any outstanding vehicle tax. You should also make sure that you cancel any insurance policies relating to the vehicle so that you are not liable for any upcoming instalments.

How Much Is My Car Worth For Scrap in Durham?

How Much Is My Car Worth For Scrap in Durham?

Everyone deserves a fair price for their scrap car. However, the price of a scrap car depends on the value of the materials according to the commodity markets, so prices often rise and fall. This makes it impossible to suggest an exact value here. On average, scrap cars sell for between £150 and £300, but much will depend on the make, model, age, and condition of the car, as well as the position of the markets. So give us a call now to find out what is your scrap car worth.

Instant Quotes

The best thing you can do is to get instant online quotes to find a price comparison.

This way you can find the most competitive price for car scrapping, as these will be regularly updated to reflect the current market trends. So give us a call now for an instant quote.

Get the best price for your scrap car.

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Free Scrap Car Collection Durham

There's a huge range of scrap car collection services across the UK. However, not all of them will offer a completely free collection service with no hidden costs. Unscrupulous car scrapping services will suggest a great price for your scrap vehicle over the phone, then haggle with you when the recovery vehicle arrives to collect your car. Some may charge collection fees, cancellation fees, or even try to charge you £25 for not having a V5C. You are under no obligation to pay this.

Watch Out For Rogue Scrap Car Dealers!

These kinds of operation have been known to accept vehicles in order to scrap them, but then they repair them and sell them on. If you haven't informed the DVLA that you are no longer the owner, then you will be expected to pay road tax and cover any related traffic penalties incurred.

Don't Fall For It

As mentioned above, holding a V5C not necessary these days, as long as you have other forms of ID. And if a scrap merchant tries to offer you money on your doorstep, then they are breaking the law. Any business that operates this way is unlikely to provide a good service. And remember, you will be providing these people with your details which they can keep for up to three years. Those that don't deal in cash payments may well add bank fees for making the payment to you.

It pays to be alert and to watch out for unscrupulous scrap merchants.

Salvage Cars

You may wonder whether your car might be worth more if you removed the individual parts to sell to salvage buyers. This is an option if your car is unusable but otherwise in good condition. However, you may be left with a shell that a scrap merchant won't want as it will be partially dismantled. They might still buy your vehicle, but they won't offer as much money.

Broadly speaking, the gearbox, engine, wheels, and body panels should at least be present to ensure the best prices.

Free Scrap Car Collection Durham

So How Do I Scrap My Car in Durham?

If your ready to scrap your car you could approach your nearest scrap yard or seek out the nearest ATF recycling centre. Then you'd need to agree on the best price and arrange collection of your scrap car.

Or, you could let us do the work. The UK has a huge network of trusted buyers that provide an excellent service.

Take Out Your Stuff!

First, you need to remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. This includes sat-nav, sun visors, contents of the glove box, side pockets in the doors, anything in the boot, and so on. It's always best to double-check.

Do you have a personalised registration number? You probably want to keep this, so you'll need to visit the DVLA website and follow the right steps. You'll also need to pay an £80 fee to transfer your personalised car reg to a new vehicle.

Make sure you take off any spare house keys attached to the keyring. While the car may not be drivable, it's always best if it has all four wheels as this helps when it comes to easy collection.

Begin The Process

To start the process of scrapping your car, you simply need to provide a few details.

Enter your car registration number and your postcode to get an instant online quote. You'll then be offered the best price for your car, with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Your free scrap car collection will then be arranged. At this point, it would be good to mention any possible obstructions, such as narrow lanes or overhanging trees, as these may delay the collection process.

Your vehicle will be collected at a time that's convenient for you, and you'll be paid an amazing price. The paperwork will be done for you, you'll receive your CoD in good time, and all you need to do is advise DVLA that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle.

It's as simple as that!

How Do I Scrap My Car?

To make it as clear as possible, here's a rundown of the main points:

  • Go online and enter a few details (your postcode and the car registration number).
  • Get an instant online quote and an instant price.
  • Arrange free collection with prompt service (any paperwork you can provide will be helpful, such as the logbook, service history, service receipts, handbooks, etc.
  • The driver will stamp Section 9 of the logbook (if you have one) and you'll need to send this off to the DVLA or write to inform them that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle.
  • Your car will be transported to a licenced Authorised Treatment Facility for recycling and crushing.
  • You will receive your Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA, which might take between one and four weeks (if you don't hear from them by then, you should contact them to see what the delay is).
  • Your money will be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

For anyone who is asking, how do I scrap my car? The answer is clear.

It's easy, straightforward, hassle-free, and reliable. You won't have to deal directly with scrap metal merchants or scrap yards. You will avoid unscrupulous traders. There are no loopholes or hidden fees, just an excellent car scrappage service that you can trust.

Scrapping your car couldn't be simpler.

So How Do I Scrap My Car in Durham?

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